A few pics of the lake at our arrival

710 m

11.2 km

2,292 m

Lago Nero

Lago Nero (Black Lake) is set in the area of the Preit (Canosio) and it is a real gem, hidden in the northern foothills of Rocca la Meja, the majestic rocky summit dominating the vast highlands between valle Stura and valle Maira.

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In between towering rocks

1,150 m

13.8 km

2,840 m

Monte Scaletta traverse

Monte Scaletta is situated a couple of km southeast of the majestic Oronaye and it is on the border between Valle Maira and Valle Stura, overlooking the Laghi Roburent. The trail unfolds on a beautiful and historic military path. This spectacular traverse develops on the ridge between two valleys and…

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