Founded in 2007 by Elio and Valerio Dutto, father and son who shared a huge passion for the mountains, Cuneotrekking has grown over the years to become the online reference for hiking in the beautiful Mediterranean Alps. With nearly 500 itineraries of all kinds and level, thoroughly described with pictures, GPS tracks, and points of interest, was visited by 2 mio visitors in the three summer months of 2020.

The mission of Cuneotrekking is to promote Cuneo’s Alps and help people discover this less known but really amazing and unique territory: as beautiful as other well-known mountain destinations, but a bit more authentic and much more uncrowded. Cuneo’s Alps are also unique because they are ideal for hiking: over 300 majestic and spectacular summits, actually accessible by the moderately trained hiker. And from the summit you will contemplate dozens of blue lakes, surrounded by green meadows: a virtually uncontaminated land where true artisans still craft some of the most delicious high-altitude cheeses in the world.

Cuneotrekking is well known in Italy and abroad not only for the detailed descriptions of each hike, but also for the immense photographic database, the in-depth product reviews and mountain gear guides, and the continuous innovations made possible by Delite Studio the software development company that runs Cuneotrekking portal.