Who we are?

The answer is simple: we are passionate about our mountains.

Elio Dutto

Elio, with his immense passion and knowledge of Cuneo’s Alps, is the “soul” and the tireless engine of Cuneotrekking. He founded Cuneotrekking with Valerio in 2007 and, since then, he never stopped hiking and writing about these amazing mountains.

Valerio Dutto

He founded Cuneotrekking together with Elio in 2007. He spends most of his free time on Cuneo’s Alps (hiking, rock climbing, or riding his MTB). For Cuneotrekking he writes product and gear reviews and the tutorials. He works as IT engineer at Delite Studio, the software development company which he co-founded in 2011, that developed and continuously upgrades Cuneotrekking portal.

Paolo Dutto

After over 20 years spent pursuing an international career in high level managerial positions in Latin America, Switzerland, Canada and the USA, he decided to go back home, Cuneo, to stay close to his family, his friends, and… his mountains! He works at Delite Studio and he is passionate about hiking, fly-fishing and MTB.

Cuneotrekking is especially made of our loyal friends and wonderful companions, with whom we shared thousands of kilometers hiking in search of the best routes and sharing unforgettable experiences. Today Cuneotrekking is what it is thanks to:

Angelo ("Gelu") Giordanengo

Riccardo Sarale

Fulvio Franco

Giuseppe Basso